• 核心板
    Core Board
  • 门口机主板
    Outdoor Board
  • 室内机主板
    Indoor Board
  • 智能硬件
    Intelligent Board
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  • 服务能力 Service Ability
  • 定制流程 Service Process
    • 需求提交
      Requirement Submit
      -Contact by Email, phone.
      -QQ or Skype,
      -Submit HW/SW requirement details.
    • 需求评审
      Requirement Review
      -Review HW details.
      -Review SW details.
      -Review schedule.
    • 项目确认
      Project Confirmation
      -Business negotiation.
      -Confirm business model.
      -Sign agreement.
    • 硬件开发
      Hardware Development
      -Selection of component.
      -Schematic design.
      -PCB placement and PCB layout.
    • 项目完成
      Project Completion
      -Post-sale support.
      -Mass production.
    • 项目评审
      Project Review
      -HW bug reviewing.
      -SW bug Reviewing.
      -Report submit
      -Document delivery.
      -Open source code.
    • 样机制作
      Prototype Fabrication
      -PCB prototype fabrication.
      -Collecting materials.
      -SMT and DIP.
      -Debug PCBA sample.
      -Sample testing.
    • 软件开发
      Software Development
      -UI design.
      -Driver development.
      -Cutting and optimizing OS.

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